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K.G.N Travel is an upcoming travel Agent in odisha. We specially concentrate in the individual and group tour package in the Eastern region, with specialised itinerary.we have specialized in renting cars in Odisha since 2001.With competitive rates, and a detailed knowledge of Odisha and Odisha and Odisha Tourisms, we are able to provide our clients with that extra personal service which makes all the difference. Cars, vans or minibuses can be picked up and return

Experience the specialised itinerary, of every corner of the odisha,with the beautiful place, beautiful people and beautiful cultures. As our clients explore each charming part of their voyage, they´ll be treated to an exceptional adventure and individually catered to by our attentive.

K.G.N Travel does everything possible to assist our client. We take care of our clients with spectacular itineraries and exquisite services on tour. We take care of you, our agent partners, by providing direct access to specially trained young energetic staffand regular email communications to keep you informed of new happenings. Please call for more information about our upcoming itineraries. Xtreme Holidays works closely with travel professionals through familiarization trips and strong one-on-one working relationships.We offer an array of materials to help our travel agent partners and guests get better acquainted with us.

Adventure & wildlife at its best − Explore avenues with rafting, trekking, caving, bird watching, jungle safari, eco camps, river cruise & angling. The region is a haven for many rare & endangered wildlife inhabiting the numerous National Parks & Sanctuaries.

Culture & Traditions − The region is dominated by native tribes with its own distinct tradition of art, culture, dance, music & life styles. Music & dance is a vital part of the regio´s culture with countless number of folk songs & colourful folk dances. Performed on the beats of traditional musical instruments like drums & gongs some of the famous dance forms are Bamboo dance , Odishi Dance, Adivasi Dance from odisha to name a few. The region is also famed for its diverse & unique cuisines.

Festivals − The region is affuent with fairs and festivals celebrated throughout the year based on socio- cultural customs, nature, agriculture & religion. We welcome you to witness the exuberance of Konaark Cart Festivals, Adivasi mela, Durga Puja, Moharam and many many more festivals of the region draped in colour, dance and cheerfullness

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